Today is October 4th which is National Taco Day! There is something very satiating about tacos. I remember eating tacos for lunch throughout childhood at school and for dinner at home. Now as an adult, I like to make my own tacos using healthy ingredients. Here is a list of why tacos are so great:

  1. You can have the choice of crispy tortilla shells, soft flour or corn tortillas — or you can have it altogether (i .e. chalupas);
  2. You can choose from a long list of foods to add to tacos — sweet or savory — including black beans, veggie crumbles, cabbage, fat-free refried beans, avacado, tomatoes, red onions, greed onions, etc.;
  3. You can eat all the tacos or you can share them with friends and family — and look really cool entertaining everyone.
  4. Or you can enjoy them the best way possible — by dining out!

Here is a list of places in the United States where a lot of people have been craving for some tacos.

  1. Taco Bueno Fast Food Restaurant
  2. Chevy’s Fresh Mex
  3. Jimboy’s Tacos
  4. Chuy’s Restaurant
  5. Margaritas Restaurant
  6. Cafe Rio
  7. Chipotle
  8. Del Taco
  9. Qdoba
  10. Moe’s Southwest Grill
Feel free to check out each restaurant’s hyperlink to find the nearest location near you.